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Green Bay’s Original Natural Health Store

Dedicated to Nutrition and Your Good Health Since 1976

We Support Your Health

Welcome to Family Nutrition Center, your trusted, local resource for natural alternatives that support your family’s health and well-being!

We aren’t just here to sell products; health and wellness are part of our personal lives. Many of us have experienced the transformative power of natural nutrition and supplements firsthand. We live this life, we use these products, and we’ve learned the value of it through on-going education, years of personal experience, and the experiences of our customers.

Whether you’re struggling with brain fog, allergies, stress and anxiety, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, or ADHD, we have over 45 years of experience seeing how our carefully chosen selection of premium supplements have helped our customers take giant steps in their journey toward healing.

At Family Nutrition Center, we believe in the power of nutrition to complement traditional approaches to health. Our success stories include those who’ve experienced relief from inflammatory conditions, allergies, and osteoporosis, as well as improved cardiovascular health – just to name a few. As we continue to grow, our caring staff, some with decades of experience, are here to guide you through the vast world of natural supplements. 

We invite you to visit our store, talk over your health concerns, and explore the world of natural health with us. Our commitment to making natural health budget-friendly by offering discounts, and, most importantly, providing reliable nutritional information – sets us apart. We’ve stayed small to stay focused on you, our valued customers, ensuring that you won’t get lost in our store, and there’s always someone ready to help you. Experience the difference of a small, family-owned business dedicated to your health and well-being.

Come to Family Nutrition Center and let us be your trusted partner on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

About Us

At Family Health Center, our mission is clear: to be your trusted partner on your path to natural, holistic health. We understand that achieving and maintaining wellness is a journey, and we’re here in Green Bay to guide you and your family every step of the way.

Our passion for holistic health runs deep, and it’s a passion shared by our dedicated team – since 1976! We aren’t just…

A Few Things Our Products Can Do:

Boost Your Immune System

Fight the yearly flu season or any cold that comes your way naturally. We have a multitude of supplements to boost immunity, such as vitamin C, quercitin, and elderberry.

Enhance Gut Health

A surprising amount of health issues are caused by a bacterial imbalance in the gut. Improve your gut health and start your quest to wellness with our premium probiotics. 

Improve Mental Acuity

Do you struggle to focus or retain information? try our fish oil, vitamin B, or lion’s mane supplements for enchanced focus and mental acuity without harmful side effects.

What our customers say

“I’ve been coming here for years because my parents have been coming here for years. My mom is now deceased, but my dad is 93, so they’ve been into nutrition and vitamins and eating healthy for years. So it’s been in our family for years. And now it’s kind of like a generational thing…

I take my dad on an excursion for the day to run all of his errands. He always wants to stop at the Family Nutrition Center because they know him so well. He’s been coming here for so long and he just gets treated like family. They know his health issues, which aren’t many at 93, but they do help him and he swears that that’s why he’s lived such a long, healthy life.”


Annette – Green Bay, WI

“Hi, I’m Marge. I’ve been coming here for 30 years. Pretty much. Exactly.

I’ve personally I went through a period where I’ve had some broken bones and I found that supplements were a good way for healing to get the right nutrients in your body that would be needed to help in healing not only the bone maybe itself or the fracture, but the muscles in ligaments, in the tendons, and as well as the aches and the pain that go along with it.

I like the people at the Family Nutrition Center, the friendliness. I mean, like real people. They’re fun to talk to. They’re interesting. They’re very knowledgeable. They know what they’re doing. They know what they’re talking about. But it kind of feels like home when you walk in here. It’s kind of very homey, friendly atmosphere.”

Marge – Green Bay, WI

“I’ve been coming to the family nutrition Center for probably, anywhere between 25 to 30 years now. 

I think the reason why I keep coming back here and the story that I had is when I found out that I was a diabetic, I came in and they helped me find some natural products that kind of helped me do better with my blood sugar levels and not having to take as much, you know, medicine and others, you know, that I think it’s more natural for your body and it’s more healthier for you.

…the quality of products that they do have here are very good. The people that are here, they’re very knowledgeable and telling you what you could use… what might be helpful to you…

I’ve been coming to the family nutrition Center for probably, anywhere between 25 to 30 years now.”

Lori – Ashwaubenon, WI

We're Proud to Support Wisconsin Vendors!

We're Proud to Support Wisconsin Vendors!

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Family Nutrition Center unique?

We are one of Green Bay’s first natural health nutrition stores! Opening in 1976, we were pioneers in introducing local families to the effectiveness of natural health food products and supplements to support their health. We continue to be inspired by the success stories of our customers and our own families, and we continue to offer you a local, convenient selection of premium-quality, natural products sourced from reputable brands that you can trust.

How do I find the right supplements for my health goals?

Our experienced staff is here to guide you. Many of them have decades of experience! Whether you’re looking to boost energy, support digestion, detox, or manage stress, Family Nutrition Center is committed to providing personalized advice to help you make informed choices about nutrition, supplements, and overall well-being.

Are any of your supplements safe for me to take while pregnant/breastfeeding?

We have a great selection of supplements for those who are pregnant/breastfeeding. When you stop in ask our experienced staff members what they recommend!

Are your products organic?

Yes! We prioritize organic and non-GMO options whenever possible, ensuring that you receive products free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

How has Family Nutrition Center helped local families over the years?

Family Nutrition Center has a history of helping Green Bay families – from babies and young children, to teens, parents, and grandparents with various concerns. Whether you’re struggling with inflammation-related conditions, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, allergies, or other health concerns, we believe in the power of nutrition to complement traditional approaches to help you find relief and healing. We have a track record of success stories, and we aim to address the root causes of health issues to promote long-term well-being.

Is Family Nutrition Center price-competitive?

Family Nutrition Center cares about being affordable for Green Bay families, offering discounts and competitive pricing. While there may be cheaper products in other markets, you can’t always be certain of safety, purity, absorption, or effectiveness. We focus on providing local families the most budget-friendly, effective, natural options, and our customers value our experience and personalized attention to helping them find the right solutions tailored to their needs.

How can I stay informed about new products and promotions at Family Nutrition Center?

We can send you updates on new products, promotions, and coupons via text or email. Stop by the store and let us know if you’d like to sign up.