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10100 – Important Notice 1

Important Notice # 1 – 1/28/2019

Family Nutrition Center will be making changes to our discounts and coupon program. We’ll be working on these changes over the next several months so some of the changes will occur sooner and other a little later.

This will be good for our customers.

  • Everyday discounts for many companies will be greater.
  • Coupons won’t be needed. Everyone will get the discount price all the time.
  • Additional discounts will be available in the store. No coupons needed. Everyone will get the additional discounts automatically.
  • Customers can also use any available manufacturers coupons to get additional savings.
  • We will continue to honor competitor’s coupons except when they violate the manufacturers allowable pricing policies.

The main reason for changing at this time is that many, if not most, manufacturers are putting discount limits on products and they are limiting the advertised prices. These programs are called MAP or Minimum Advertised Pricing. This makes it more difficult to have our discounts advertised on our website.

So our website will be changing as well. We are working to make the site informative and useful in new ways. The site will advertise the “Maximum Allowable Advertised Discount” so you will always know how much you will save. Our prices should be equal to or better than the internet as the internet vendors are also bound to these discount limits.

That means that our everyday price will be at the Maximum Allowable Advertised Discount on most supplements. You will find special pricing and extra discounts when you visit the store. Easier for you, easier for us.

This will be a little confusing and we don’t know all of the issues we will face when we begin to implement these changes. FNC reserves the right to make adjustments to the program and correct our mistakes, which there is likely be some. Remember this is new to the staff as well.

Now the bad news.

Some vendors are restricting the prices and some everyday discounts will be adversely affected. In these cases we will seek to make up the difference with in store discounts and promotions. We can offer better prices but we just can’t advertise those prices. It’s challenging because each vendor policy is unique.

The generic coupons that can be used on any product will have to change. The good news is that you will be getting better discounts on many more items with our everyday greater discounts. There will be no limits on quantity.

Enzymatic Therapy is in the process of converting to Nature’s Way brand. The Enzymatic Therapy brand will gradually be eliminated. Most products will become available in the Nature’s Way brand, however some products are likely to be eliminated. At the same time Nature’s Way is changing prices and discounts and may develop their own pricing restrictions. This remains to play out. This will mean the end of the Enzymatic Therapy monthly coupon as it now exists.

This will all happen gradually over the next few months. Please be patient as we work to put this all in order. In the end this should be better and easier while providing cost savings for you. This is new for store staff as well and none of us knows exactly how this will develop. Rest assured that FNC is committed to serving you with the best products, at the best prices delivered by caring and knowledgeable staff.

As we go forward we will list the various vendors and their Maximum Allowable Advertised Discount. The limits vary greatly. We will display these discounts in the store and we will maintain a notebook of the vendor policies should you be curious, please ask.