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99990 – Important Notice 3

Important Notice # 3 – 2-18-2019

Get ready for a rapidly changing price fluctuations.

Prices are going up. Discounts are going down.

This is not new but now things are happening very fast as many manufacturers are in a state of flux with their pricing, discounts and advertising. There are several factors that affect us directly as retailers. Generally we have no control over these changes and we have no choice but to adapt and these changes are going to affect you as customers and consumers. These changes are being imposed on brick and mortar stores as well as internet sellers. So these will be far reaching changes.

You should expect that retailers like Family Nutrition Center will be able to match Internet prices. That means you don’t have to sacrifice service and knowledgeable staff for the best prices. FNC can even offer better prices than the internet. FNC will seek to provide the best possible service at the best possible prices.

Here are some changes that you can expect.

The Enzymatic Therapy brand is going to be converted to Nature’s Way. Enzymatic Therapy is expected to disappear within months.

Nature’s Way is limiting their Manufacturers Maximum Allowable Advertised Discount to 25%.

Nature’s Way is reducing Family Nutrition Center’s purchase discount by 7%. That means we will be paying 7% more for Nature’s Way products.

Nature’s Way is also like to reduce those discounts even further. This gradually becoming more common.

For Nature’s Way, these changes begin March 2019.

This is not to single out Nature’s Way, many companies are doing this as well. It’s just that Nature’s Way/Enzymatic Therapy is a huge local company that is our largest supplier and that means that more of our customers use these products. This has an impact on all of us. It’s a trend that is not going to stop.

What can you do?

Stock up soon. Product that we have already priced will not be repriced, but new product will soon have a lower discount.

Stock on Enzymatic Therapy at 45% this month. This coupon discount will disappear at the end of February. Use it now while you can.

Watch this site for more Important News as we go forward.