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Chewable and Palatable options for Kids

Palatable Options for Growing Well

The most effective, high quality vitamins and supplements only improve your child’s health and well-being – if they can swallow it… so it has to taste good! At Family Nutrition Center, we understand that struggle, and we’re here to help solve that problem for you. Discover some of the best-tasting vitamins and supplements in Green Bay. We want to make nutrition something your child will look forward to! It’s the best way to start healthy habits that can benefit your child for a lifetime. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and guide you to high-quality, kid-tested options that you – and your child can feel good about. Come into Family Nutrition Center today, and give your child the gift of health – that tastes good!

Chewable Supplements: Nutrient-Packed Joy

Struggling to get your kids to take their daily vitamins? At Family Nutrition Center, we’ve got the solution, and it’s close to home near Lambeau Field! Our range of chewable supplements can transform a frustrating daily nutrition routine into a happy experience — for your kids and for you. Say goodbye to the challenge of swallowing pills. Our chewable options taste great, and they’re packed with quality, essential nutrients. Stop by and explore a variety of options to fit your child’s needs and join the many other local parents who trust us for high-quality, kid-approved chewable supplements that make it easier than ever to support your child’s health and success.


ADHD Support: Natural Solutions for Focus

A lot more parents are searching for effective, natural options to help with ADHD or just to enhance their child’s focus and attention. Our knowledgeable staff at Family Nutrition Center has worked with many local parents to help them find effective supplements and vitamins. Through the years, our team has seen what supplements work best to meet individual needs, because everyone is different – and they love hearing the success stories! We invite you to come into our Green Bay store and talk over the best options for your child. Trust Family Nutrition Center to guide you in nurturing your child’s focus – naturally.