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We offer supplements to help improve your quality of life, no matter the challenges thrown your way.

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Multivitamins: Energize Your Life

Having a hard time making it through your day, or do you just need more energy for all the activities you enjoy? Embrace a natural approach to self-care, fueling your body with essential nutrients your body needs to boost your vitality and heal itself. We know everyone is different – so we carry a wide variety of premium multivitamins to help in all seasons of a woman’s life. Whether you’re training for a marathon, chasing a toddler around, looking for more energy in your work day, or wanting to feel your best in retirement – our knowledgeable staff here at Family Nutrition Center is ready to guide you toward the right multivitamin to address your unique health goals.

Easy to Swallow Supplements

You’re not alone. A lot of women struggle to swallow pills, and it doesn’t matter how good a vitamin or supplement is for you – if you can’t get it into your body. We understand your frustration, that’s why Family Nutrition Center has a variety of high quality, easy to swallow or chewable supplements for women committed to supporting their health – naturally. Our friendly staff can guide you to effective options that have helped other women in northeast Wisconsin:

    • Find pain relief
    • Lower blood pressure/cholesterol
    • Boost energy and focus
    • Improve skin, hair, and nails

We’ll take the time to talk with you and find supplements that address your specific needs – in a chewable or easy to swallow tablet – so you can finally experience the power of natural supplements to support your health and well-being.

Natural Supplements for Menopause

Navigating menopause doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster of hot flashes, weight gain, and irritability. At Family Nutrition Center, we understand the impact it can have on your life, your family, and your job – and we’re here to empower you with natural solutions. Our knowledgeable staff have helped countless women, right here in the Green Bay area, find some peace and relief naturally. From Black Cohosh for hot flashes and night sweats to calming Ashwagandha for mood swings, we’ll use the real-life results we’ve seen in our own community to guide you to supplements tailored to your specific concerns. Don’t settle for the discomfort of menopause! Come in and talk with us about what’s working for other area women – and see how we can help you.

Hair, Skin, and Nails: Revitalize Your Natural Beauty

Frustration with hair loss, dry, irritated skin, or brittle and breaking nails can rob your self esteem – adding even more anxiety to your busy life. Family Nutrition Center has been helping women in the Green Bay area for decades – with natural, healing solutions that address these specific needs. Many times, your body is just lacking essential nutrients that can help you achieve your dream of thicker, shinier hair, stronger nails, or healthy, glowing skin. Stop by our store, near Lambeau Field. Talk with our experienced staff, and discover natural options that have made a difference for other area women – and help restore your natural beauty and confidence – so you can more fully enjoy life!

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